Quotes on Suffering from PBB: An American Tragedy, by Edwin Chen, circa 1979

The complaints of the known-PBB-poisoned crops, farm animals, humans, and lab animals. I share this because I think learning through human experience is the fastest way to absorb infromation.

All quotes pulled drectly from the book;

Chen, Edwin. (1979). PBB: An American Tragedy. Grand Rapids, Michigan: Prentice-Hall.

  • “A cow in front of him looked as if she had been crying. Tears were streaking down her cheeks. He checked her for other infections, especially pinkeye. He resumed down the barn alley. He encountered another tear-streaked face. And then another. And another.” (p.6)
  • “There’s no reason for these cattle to have IBR (a flulike disease which can cause abortions in cattle),” said the stoop shouldered animal doctor.
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